Submit a Book

If you’re a publisher or author interested in having your book considered for review, we’ve got a few rules:

  • We receive a lot of books every week. We don’t review every book we receive. Only ones that we thought were exemplary in some way will end up on the site.
  • On average we review about 50% Speculative Fiction (more Science Fiction than Fantasy) and 50% Contemporary Literature. But we’re open to anything that sounds interesting.
  • We prefer physical copies over digital. A physical copy makes it several times more likely that your book will be read. If submitting a digital copy, please submit in a DRM free .ePub format. For graphic novels/comic books, please submit in a DRM free .cbr format.
  • We like small presses / micro presses. You folks rock.
  • We tend to really enjoy most books published by Tin House, Small Beer, Tor, Orbit, FSG Originals, Two Dollar Radio, Subterranean, Angry Robot, Nightshade Books, Coffee House Press, Graywolf etc. If your book would fit in with one of those, we’ll probably be into it.
  • If we’ve reviewed a book from you before, we’re probably into what else you have to offer in the future.
  • We’re a pretty small operation, be patient with us. If we are going to feature your book, we’ll let you know.

If all of that sounds good, send us a message here. Include “Book Submission” somewhere in the subject, and include a synopsis in the body of the message. If submitting a digital copy, attach it to the email or use a service like wetransfer. If submitting a physical book / ARC, we will reply with our mailing address.